Makindu is a musical project celebrating the shared source of music, culture and inspiration. Led by tabla player Randeep Kaur Bilkhu and clarinet player Timothy Wall and featuring collaborations across the globe, Makindu draw on deep roots and travel new sonic pathways.

Since meeting in 2013, they have travelled across Australia, India, Europe and the UK, playing music, meeting people and exploring family and cultural connections. Their music is the culmination of these journeys, presenting transcendental visions from their travels, realised with the help of friends met along the way.

The name “Makindu” comes from a town in Kenya, established in the early 1900s during the building of the Ugandan Railway. It is said that here in the evenings, under a tree, Indian railway workers of all different religious backgrounds would gather together to play music and sing hymns of worship. On this site was built a Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) which to this day is visited by people of all Kenya’s diverse communities.

Makindu are inspired by these stories, passed down through family heritage in East Africa, as they traverse cultures and traditions, sitting down with friends and musicians across the globe to celebrate life, music and unity.